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At Filmart we are always open and ready to collaborate with new professionals in the motion pictures business.

If you have a special talent, high expertise or a long professional working experience within the field, you may be the right person to collaborate on our next projects.


Any academic qualifications are not necessary.

Don't hesitate to send your presentation to filmartstudiosuk@gmail.comwe will reply within a few hours.


We work worldwide, but we are based in the UK.

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For business or commercial enquiries, please contact us at

PLEASE NOTE - Filmart S.r.l. does not accept or review any unsolicited manuscripts or other materials by any means, including post or email.

Filmart Pictures is proudly a social media free company.

Filmart S.r.l. (LLC.) is a company registered in Italy - EU VAT n.IT02280390226

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