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Welcome to Filmart Pictures

Filmart Pictures is a film production company led by director Giacomo Gabrielli. It was officially founded in 2013 as Filmart S.r.l. (LLC.), but its creativity operates since the late 90s to develop and create quality motion pictures. The company produces entertainment for the big and small screen.


Filmart Pictures is proudly a social media free company.

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Filmart CEO & Founder Giacomo Gabrielli, since the age of 8 (late 90s) immersed himself in making amateur short films. He moved to Rome to study film directing inside Cinecittà Studios. From that moment onwards, his career in the film industry never stopped. Since 2009 he produced, written and directed several productions among which the horror feature films 'End Roll' and 'Doc.33' (more than one million views on YouTube), the mistery-thriller series 'Whitefall', the London-set drama 'B309' and the acclaimed Holocaust drama 'A Journey'. In 2018 he moved to the UK to work on an international scale.

Visit director Giacomo Gabrielli's IMDb professional profiles for the latest updates.

Giacomo Gabrielli is not on any social media platform.

Should you encounter a social media account with his name or photo, please don’t rely on it.

For any business requests, please send a message to the email address mentioned in the section 'Stay in Touch'.


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